We're Done...
Next We Go To The Finals...

We're Done...
Next We Go To The Finals...

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 31, 2006

We are finally done posting submissions. Thank you all. This weekend we will be taking a close look at the voting to see who goes to the finals. IF YOU HAVEN'T VOTED, DO IT TODAY (you can find all the submissions here).

And if you think you might make it, get a good camera ready as you will be able to take more pics. Also think about submitting your own video tour as well (a new feature - we're recommending you using Blip.tv, which is a free service).

Finalists will be notified on Monday.

We want to say upfront that we apologize to the 37 other entries that we didn't post. It has been really tough weeding it down to the final entries.

That said, we will post all the entries over the next two months so that you can all see them. Thanks to ALL of you, and get ready for the finals next week which will be a bit more spaced out to give you all a rest.

We are also conscious that many of you may finally be sick of seeing other people's apartments. Consider the survey below our small gift to you. ;-)

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