We're Hiring: Home Tech Contributors

Apartment Therapy is putting out a call for home technology contributors. If you have a passion for following and researching the latest in home audio components, automation devices, home appliances, photography equipment, computer productivity solutions, pet and family tech, we want to hear from you. Details about how to apply below...

We're looking for a few new bloggers to join our team of daily Tech channel contributors...someone described by friends as the stylish technologist...motivated, self-sufficient, with a strong understanding about the synthesis of home decor with home technology. This is a paid freelance position.

What we're looking for:
  • Are you already blogging regularly? You don't have to be a professional writer, but we're looking for writers who can produce content with clarity and a personable (and personal) voice several times a week.
  • We also want someone proficient at taking great photos themselves, so no camera phone applicants please. A capable camera and an even better eye behind the lens is a prerequisite. Do you know how to use image editing applications like Photoshop? Crop, save for web, curves/levels...basic image editing for web ready use. Photography skills are a major factor, so please include some of your own with your sample posts [below].
  • Can you write about a range of topics with a wide variety of readers in mind? Sure, anyone can write about what they personally like or want for themselves, but this opportunity requires offering solutions outside personal experience or preference. We're looking for problem solvers who can communicate from niche to a wider audience.
  • Do aesthetics matter to you? Apartment Therapy aims to share good design and smart solutions, first and foremost, and we're seeking contributors who can balance and integrate technologies within the home.
  • Can you write accurately, dependably, and regularly? Many people want to write about home technology. Not many can write about it day in, day out. We're looking for passionate, responsible, and skilled writers who want to share solutions and inspirations with millions of readers.

What we want:

2 writing samples (PDF or Word files recommended): complete with photos sized for our post formats, embedded or attached (540 pixels width, saved for web). Recommended post topics: a tech tour, your own how-to project, or a product review. Knock us out with your writing and your photography skills! 

Please do not send us writing samples from other websites; all submissions with linked writing samples will be ignored.

Please include:
• Your name and contact information
• 2 writing samples
• How you first found Apartment Therapy and how long you have been reading us
• What you do full time
• Which home technology categories most interest you
• Any additional links to any home technology projects you've done

July 14, 2013

Please send all applications and samples to Gregory Han, with the subject header, "2013 Apartment Therapy Tech Blogger Submission".

(Image: Gregory Han)

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