The Fall Cure: Week One-Home Repairs

Tommi Ann is planning to work on the rec room to kitchen transition

Planning to catch up on the Cure over the weekend? We've got a great discussion going on the topic of DIY repairs and whether you're a Warm or Cold. And a big welcome to the newcomers from Tucson, Miracle Mile and even some homeowners. For those of you tackling some repairs this weekend here's a round up of some of the best 'how to's" (including some just for inspiration) from around Apartment Therapy:

&bull How To: transform popcorn ceilings
&bull How To: fix a leaky faucet
&bull How To: acheive a Boutique Hotel look
&bull How To: cover walls with starched fabric
&bull How To: Wallpaper your fridge
&bull How To: make a DIY shoerack