We're Over The Moon For i3lab Floor Cushions

We're Over The Moon For i3lab Floor Cushions

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 12, 2011

There are some home decor pieces that we're tempted to buy simply for the photo opportunities they present. These Earth and Moon floor cushions look comfy and would provide and killer monthly baby photos to boot!

These pillows stem from the creative group over at i3lab. You can see the full product line from their website under the portfolio tab and although they're not for sale just yet, we hope to see them on the market soon. It's a fun idea and until then, we'll have to hope we see something similar pop up on Etsy.

Can you imagine the fun photoshoots you could have? Or the cheesy phrases that you could Photoshop onto your pictures? "Little Suzy is over the moon for her birthday gifts, thank you everyone!" Sorry, the play on words had to happen. They serve as a great reminder that awesome design is always happening, especially when you feel your world is shrinking due to the amount of Dora the Explorer foam chairs in the world.

(Image: i3lab via DesignBoom)

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