Weronika's Funky and Fun Bedroom

My Room

Name: Weronika (7)
Location: Belfast, Ireland

This room belongs to my 7 year old daughter Weronika. She is very creative, bubbly and outgoing. She Loves reading books, playing with her ponnies and dolls. Her favourite colors are pink, coral and gold.

I have always had a massive admiration for a simplicity of Scandinavian style. So whenever I was arranging Weronika's room I tried to make the backdrop of her room as simple as possible so it would not interfere with the boldness of textiles or collection of ponies.

If you were to ask me what are the things I am most proud of, I would have to say it's the original Edwardian wooden floor we were so delighted to be able to restore and the picture gallery! The postcards, her drawings, the Up poster and the thrift stores finds have so much appeal to Weronika. They all create such a unique display of creativity.

On the shelf below the gallery she keeps her ponies, wooden angels and souvenirs from Spain. She keeps saying that is her favorite wall. The furniture is almost all from IKEA, apart from the table which came from a thrift store. The toy bench was painted by me in canary yellow (Painters touch). The curtains are from Liberty of London, finished with the trim pompons I found in a local haberdashery. The cushions are from Zara home, Brostes Copenhagen and IKEA. The throw and crochet blanket are the family heirlooms.

Thanks, Dominika!


(Image credits: Submitted by Dominika)