Color Inspiration, Wes Anderson Style

Wes Anderson Palettes

Here's a little Happy Spring, Happy Friday find! Someone recently tipped me off about the wonderful Wes Anderson Palettes site, and if you love a Wes Anderson color palette like I love a Wes Anderson color palette, then you'll enjoy this concept very much.

I love this warm and rich palette, taken from Anderson's latest film, The Grand Budapest Hotel.

A little Royal Tenenbaum bath scene turned color palette inspiration.

Soft, smoky hues from Hotel Chevalier.

Head on over to Wes Anderson Palettes for more eye candy-color inspiration. Now, to get the full effect, you will have to supply your own berets, leather bound books by obscure but charming authors, and smartly-dressed people with subtly forlorn dispositions.

(Image credits: Wes Anderson Palettes)