Sublime Stitching: Rock n' Roll Embroidery

Dolly Parton by Jenny Hart, 15 x 17 inches, Private Collection

We've posted Sublime Stitching on AT before, but checking through our archives we realized this online shop wasn't in any of our store guides, so we're officially adding it. When she was 21 years old, crafter Jenny Hart started the business out of her home in Austin, Texas with a $1,000 loan from her mom. Jenny makes embroidery patterns, kits, books, gifts, and original artwork. As she says on her site, "this ain't your grandma's embroidery"...

Since 2001, Sublime Stitching has grown into a thriving enterprise that's been featured in many, many magazines including Domino, Lucky, Real Simple, ReadyMade, Venus, Bust, and Nylon. We're fortunate to have one of her original embroidery works in our home and we love it! To view her gallery of original artwork, click here.