As the sun and warm weather have begun to grace us with their presence here in Seattle I find myself making every excuse I can to spend time in my backyard. I even go so far as to take my food outside to prep each night. Not being a home owner, having a backyard has always been a luxury that I try to take full advantage of.

My home in Los Angeles was too small for a dining area indoors, but I had two of them outside. Ahhh, the California life. Needless to say I obtained quite a bit of outdoor furniture including a swing, hammock, umbrella, two dining sets and a fire pit. After becoming accustomed to year round outdoor living I was not willing to give up my new found outdoor furniture upon moving to Seattle, and my one contingency was that we had to have a yard.

I find backyards to be a very unique and personal part of the home; I love seeing how people choose to design them. Do they dedicate this space for relaxing, entertaining, gardening, barbecuing, exercising? I think it tells you a lot about a person and how they like to kick off their boots. What are your "must haves" that turn that backyard space into your perfect oasis?

Images: Chair, Umbrella, Picnic Table, Lounge, Hammock, Planters, BBQ, Planter Dog House