What Are Your Tech Pet Peeves?

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My very first computer was a desktop my family and I shared. It was a Dell from the era of the Dell Dude, complete with a 25 pound monitor and a loud and hot tower which held the keys to Minesweeper and the world wide web. It was also my first and my last shared computer, because as a tech lover, I picked up a few tech pet peeves.

It may seem strange, but we all have unique habits when it comes to how we consume technology. For instance, there's nothing I hate finding on a computer more than:

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  • A messy desktop with no filing system in place at all
  • Illogical file naming — especially when it comes to hard to find files
  • Leaving millions of tabs open on the browser
  • Loud notifications from email or chat clients
  • A gross keyboard covered in dirt or dust

Do you share a computer with someone else? What are your tech pet peeves?

(Image credits: Parallel Pulse's Live Work Loft; Elizabeth Giorgi)

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