What To Do With...? 75 Tips for Leftovers and Ingredients

What To Do With...? 75 Tips for Leftovers and Ingredients

Faith Durand
Apr 20, 2009
One of the most common sort of question we get here at The Kitchn starts like this: What do I do with ________? Fill in the blank: onions, lemons, exotic oils, coconut jam, duck fat, an abundance of hot peppers, quinoa, barley leftover pie dough, rice, pasta — the list goes on and on. Maybe you also are discovering some leftovers or challenging ingredients as you clean out your pantry and fridge for the Cure. Well, don't throw them away!

Start here first, and see if you can find an idea or two for using up your leftovers.

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In the Fridge and Freezer

Chicken fat
Chicken scraps, bones, or carcass
Coconut jam
Cooked chicken and more leftover chicken
Cooked broccoli
Cooked cabbage
Cooked potatoes
Cranberry sauce
Extra egg whites
Frozen edamame
Frozen eggs
Hard boiled eggs, and more hard boiled eggs
Inedible failed dishes
Leftover pasta
Leftover salmon
Pie dough or cookie dough scraps
Pickle brine and more pickle brine
Roast lamb
Quail eggs
Silken tofu
Sour cream
Taco night leftovers
Whipped cream

In the Pantry or On the Countertop

Almond meal, and more almond meal
Bad wine
Blackstrap molasses
Bulgur wheat
Candy canes
Crystallized sugar syrup
Curry powder
Dried dates
Dried herbs
Duck fat
Fennel pollen
Hard brown sugar
Leftover cake
Morello cherries in a jar
Stale tortilla chips
Pistachio oil
Truffle oil
Walnut oil
Whole wheat pasta
Wondra flour

In the Produce Basket

Chive blossoms
Citrus peels
Cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers
Smoked garlic
Hot peppers
Lemons, more lemons, and yet more lemons!
Green tomatoes, and more green tomatoes
Mushroom steeping liquid
Spaghetti squash
Overripe fruit
Unripe fruit
Vegetable scraps, and more vegetable scraps
Yellow plums
Zested, naked lemons

OK, what did we miss? Are you using up your leftovers or extra ingredients in creative ways? Tell us!

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