What Color Walls for My (Currently) Very Green Bathroom?

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Q: I'm hoping to give my bathroom a makeover this weekend and need help figuring out a warm paint color for my bathroom. I just don't know where to begin, and need to cover the green! In a rush to cover the semi-glossy bright white walls in my new rental's bathroom, I re-used paint from my old place. While I loved Behr's Grass Cloth there, it isn't working out with the bathroom's overhead fluorescent light! It's just too cool, and did-I-mention green.

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Can anyone suggest a good bathroom paint color and finish to work with the black and white tile and beige-y grout? I'm paralyzed by all the choices and just need to make a change! I tried to figure out a way to add some flattering light in there, but there's no natural light (New York!) and switching the bulb for a wamer color frequency just made the room darker.

I'm thinking of going with a warm neutral color - beige/off-white/bone/khaki -to neutralize the evil overhead. I'm hoping that this neutral will blend a bit with the rest of the apartment, painted a bone-beige color.

I have a little collection of shower curtains (white, chocolate brown and crayola green) but have been using the white one lately to compete less with the tile and walls. Please help, I cant deal with Kermit walls any longer!

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