What Design Inspiration Have You Borrowed From a Favorite Restaurant?

While the fun of going to a new restaurant lies mainly in discovering a favorite new dish or trying new foods, if we're being honest, it's also about seeing what they've done to the interior! Great restaurants excel not only at good dishes, but using beautiful design details to perfect an atmosphere and mood that makes you want to linger for hours. It's not surprising that some of the most beautiful restaurants make us want to borrow some of their ideas.

Have you borrowed inspiration for design ideas from a favorite restaurant? Like a wall paint color, furniture piece spotted or some other design detail that was just too tantalizing to not want to take home (meaning take the inspiration home — not the actual piece!)? If you have, share what detail caught your eye and how you translated it to your home's design. And don't forget to share the restaurant that you got your inspiration from!

(The two photographs pictured, by the way, are from the fabulous Austin-based restaurant Qui.)

(Image credits: Adrienne Breaux)