Old School Alarm Clock vs. New School Alarm Apps

Old School Alarm Clock vs. New School Alarm Apps

Julienne Lin
Jun 6, 2013

In the days before my smartphone became such a big part of my life, I relied on an alarm clock. I went through a number of clocks, but those days have long passed since getting an iPhone; I just use the Alarm app now. However, considering all these concerns, maybe an alarm clock was the better and more aesthetic choice? I'm not 100% sure yet whether I want to go back to an alarm clock or just switch to a new app, as there are certainly pros and cons with each...


Wake: This is one of the most talked about alarm apps right now amongst friends because of its gestural interface. Instead of having to hit the tiny snooze button like with the Alarm app, you can tap anywhere on your phone screen to snooze, or place your whole hand over it to shut off the alarm (think, "Speak to the hand!"). You can also flip the phone over to turn the alarm off. I love these functions because it makes snoozing...I mean waking up...easier.

Rise: The Rise app also offers a gestural interface, letting you choose your alarm from your music list. Similar to Wake, the swipe interface is also easier to use versus the small snooze button on the built-in iOS Alarm app. You set the time of your alarm by sliding your finger on the screen up and down to select the right time, with a large clock mode in portrait and landscape when docked for the full faux table clock experience.


Cuckoo Clock: If I’m going to go old school and use an actual alarm clock, I might have to go with this cuckoo clock from CB2. It’s a mix of retro and modern, with the classic cuckoo clock design, juxtaposed with an asymmetrical modern housing. This would be a nice piece to have on the nightstand, whether waking me up or not.

Font Clock: The Font Clock was inspired by "twelve fonts, all chosen for their design strength and individuality and all of which are twentieth century apart from one" and all housed inside a classic flip-clock case. Designer Sebastian Wrong's bedside clock is definitely one of the more fun options for typography nerds.

But I guess if I was going to get real serious about waking up, I'd look to one of these Top 5 Most Evil Alarm Clocks Ever.

Do you rely on an app or an alarm clock to wake up to?

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