What Do You Wish You Would Have Collected As A Kid?

What Do You Wish You Would Have Collected As A Kid?

Sarah Rae Smith
Sep 9, 2011

Growing up I was always insanely jealous of my friend Sandy's bedroom. On the walls encircling the entire thing, she had ice cream wrappers. Klondike wrappers to be exact. There must have been hundreds of them, but none the less, they adorned her walls like they were some fancy wallpaper.

She might not have collected rocks like most other kids, but Sandy's wrapper collection stays with me to this day. Her record stayed solid and it wasn't until she moved out and had a family of her own that she stopped collecting. I'll always be a little jealous of her shiny wall treatment and memory of it has stayed with me far longer than we've been friends.

Do you have something you wish you would have collected when you were younger? Did you always want a rock collection? Tea Sets? Die cast cars? What would have made you squeal with delight if your parents would have let you start collecting back in the day?

(Image: Flickr member ellie licensed for use by Creative Commons)

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