What Does $500k Buy Worldwide?

What Does $500k Buy Worldwide?

Gregory Han
Mar 6, 2009

We're still daydreaming about our time in Portugal, so that might explain our affinity for the Pedro Gadanho Home we've included below, alongside the perfect perpetual calendar design, cute as heck 5 minute candles, and a listing of what $500k gets you in the housing market worldwide...

The Pedro Gadanho Home: a single-family residence in Oporto, Portugal that defines the world "bold" in form and colour.

Dan Reisinger Perpetual Calendar: designed by Dan Reisinger for the Museum of the Modern Art in New York. Forever and perpetually beautiful.

Poketo 5 Minute Candles: Super cute way to celebrate or just create a romantic mood.

House Prices Compared: What USD $500,000 Buys Worldwide: Here's what you get for roughly that amount in our zipcode; prices are almost getting reasonable. But look at that view in Kalkan, Turkey!

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