What Does A Teepee For Cats Have To Do With Kids?

Well to be quite honest, what doesn't a teepee for cats have to do with kids? Though kids themselves probably won't fit inside, that doesn't mean it's not a perfect outpost for stuffed animals, action figures and dolls — even Ninjas and Jedis need a place to take a breather.

You can find this sweet little cardboard cat (and super hero) refueling station at DesignBoom for $36. Although that might seem steep when it comes to something the cat might scratch up, we're guessing it would see a great deal of play time when it came to kids.

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We like the idea that it can fold back up flat if needs be and stored in a closet for a little while when it's in the way or not being used, because even if it's forgotten about for a bit, it will still be extra awesome when you pull it back out of the closet on a rainy day. See more details and extra cute kitties over at DesignBoom.

(Image: DesignBoom)

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