What The What? Furniture Made With Magnets?


The man above is Jólan van der Wiel. He's making furniture. I promise. It might look like something off the SyFy channel, it's one of the coolest artisan processes I've seen in a long time. Care to guess what it is?

By using a technique that involves mixing melted plastic with iron shavings and then separating the substance with gravity and magnets, the final result are space-cave like stools (which if it isn't a decorating genre... should be).

Although they might be a little extreme for many folks, just the simple idea that old items are being used in new ways and new techniques and processes are being created, is a glorious one. You can read more the idea over at Inhabitat or from the artist's website.

(Image: Jólan van der Wiel via Inhabitat)