What Goes Into Making an Organic Pillow?

What Goes Into Making an Organic Pillow?

Sarah Coffey
Jun 6, 2008

In the June issue of Dwell, we found a really interesting article about Looolo Textiles, the Montreal-based manufacturer of organic, biodegradable pillows. We were fascinated by the in-depth explanation of what goes into making an organic pillow from scratch...

The article goes into detail about the intensive process, which involves sourcing textiles, sourcing organic thread (which is surprisingly difficult), cutting sheets by hand, using a regular sewing machine rather than an industrial model that would require tensile-strength synthetic thread, patterning, and making the organic stuffing. It proves that, despite growing interest in green design, there are still a lot of hurdles to making a truly sustainable product. And it also shows, step-by-step, the difference between a mass-produced pillow that costs $20 and a handmade Looolo pillow that costs $125.

For more information, see the June 2008 issue of Dwell.

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