Wild Kingdom: Domesticating Wild Animals?

Wild Kingdom: Domesticating Wild Animals?

Grace Shu
Oct 25, 2007

You know when someone sends you a link, and you're kind of wary of what's coming next that you don't open it? Well, trust us when we say to you: this is for real. A couple in Russia adopted a a friggin' BOCBCAT to be their domestic pet. Not exactly a great idea, especially when this wild beast is photographed tearing apart a chicken and a fish in the house. Proceed with caution, friends (also, just a warning: there's some risqué photos).

Now, you may be thinking, "Well that's Russia, and those people are crazy!" Well, that may be true, but one of our neighbors owns a wolf. (And he walks it every morning. Here's some photographic evidence).

Call us conservative, but we're of the opinion that wild animals are wild for a reason (remember when Paris got attacked by her monkey?), and really, what's the probabibility of being able to train a bobcat to use the litter box?

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