What Is Contemporary Craftsman Style?

Some friends and I were recently discussing the design of their new home when they stated they would like a Craftsman-style house. Being an architect of the present day, it is impossible for me to get on board with designing something today that looks like it was built a century ago. Being friends, I added this viewpoint to the discussion and things got interesting:

No, fists didn't fly. But the conversation turned to what a contemporary home influenced by a love of the Craftsman style would look like. We never quite pinned it down verbally (as this is an exercise that might take months on a drawing board), but even as we talked I grew excited about sharing this question with the Apartment Therapy community.

In the images up top, I've shown a few possible approaches to the question. First is a home that honors the lines and forms of the Craftsman style, but in contemporary materials and techniques. Second, is a home that was built today to look like a Craftsman-style home. And third is a purely contemporary form employing Craftsman materials, like wood shingles. The final image shows the Gamble House, an actual Craftsman-era masterpiece by Greene and Greene.

So, what do you think is contemporary Craftsman style?

Images: Lake Flato, bdarch.net, Hudson Architects, Mr. Exuberance licensed for use under Creative Commons

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