What Is the Best Way to Get Filtered Water?

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Q: Hoping you and your readers can help my family figure out the best method for delivering filtered water into our home. We currently use a GE dispenser with 5 gallon plastic jugs, but I worry about that #7 on the bottom. I would like to avoid the Brita pitcher-type route (we drink a lot of water and I don't want to be constantly re-filling).

Is it worth it to spend close to $800 to install an under the sink reverse osmosis system, or is that overkill? Any other options I should consider?

Sent by Erin

Editor: Erin, have you also considered the faucet-mounted filters? Here's a review from one of our readers of the PUR filter:

Product Review: PUR Water Filter

It has its drawbacks, but that is one option. Another option we really like are these terracotta water coolers and purifiers, which use a carbon filter:

Stefani Terracotta Water Coolers and Purifiers (pictured above)

And then there are these pricey but gorgeous filter units from Aquaovo:

Seriously Beautiful Water Filters from Aquaovo

Check out these posts for more information:

Shopping Guide: Water Filters
Entridge Dual Cartridge Under Sink Water Filter System

Readers, what would you recommend? Do you filter your water?

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