What is Your First/Last Chore of the Day?

What is Your First/Last Chore of the Day?

Kim Lucian
Sep 2, 2011

The freedom that comes with being self employed or just working from home can be great, however, having a less than structured schedule can have its pitfalls. It's easy to put off making the bed until after having your coffee and checking emails and once the day has gotten started, and it's even easier to continue to put things off. Even if you work in an office, leaving a mess behind when you run out the door in the morning means there will be more to deal with when your get back home.

The result? A messy environment that leaves you feeling distracted, disorganized and unprepared for any visitors.

While I set aside time to clean every week there are a couple things that I try to do right before I go to bed and as soon as I get up that make a big difference in setting the tone for the day. Here are the first and the last chores that top my list.

In the morning:
Make the bed! This is the first thing I like to get done as I feel like it sets the tone for my day. A bit of added incentive in my particular situation is that if I don't make it my dog will get under the sheets when I'm not looking, dirty paws and all.

At night:
Do the dishes. This might not be my top priority if I had a dishwasher but my little sink fills up quickly, and there is nothing worse than trying to scrub day old crustiness off of yesterday's dishes.

I've found if I make these a priority the general tidying up tends to follow, even if it's all I get to at least I'm starting things off on the right foot.

What's your first and last chore of the day?


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