What Not To Do: Diana's Living Room #2

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Dianna did it. After posting her living room a few weeks back, which she said "looked like hell", and soliciting our and your advice - for a grand total of 42 comments - she made changes. What say you now....?

"Okay, Maxwell. I've done it. I've made changes. Some minor, some gigantic. You said hang artwork at 57" center. Still looks low to me in pic a..."

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"...So, I added something above it in pic b. In pic c I made changes to the window wall. But, I have no idea what's working. I just know I'm having a physcial reaction to blank walls, holes and chips in my walls and no plan I can figure. I hurt inside and cannot breathe.


What do I do next? I need guidance. Any links to recommend? Other tips to keep in mind? I will fix the weekend and update you next week. And, yes, Jacques is very good looking. We hear it all the time.


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