What Not To Do: Diana's Living Room

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What's your pet peeve? What is it that you just can't seem to stop doing in your home? Where do you need help? We met Diana earlier this month and she shared hers with us...

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Hi, Maxwell! How are you?

If you get a few minutes, attached are the pics of my living room and kitchen. I think the lr needs a makeunder just like those ladies that wear too much makeup.

Hopefully, you'll find them inspiring even if you end up adding a section called "what not to do."

ANyway, see you soon!

Warm regards


Diana, personally, we love your home and it glows with character. Could it use a little pruning? Sure. Here are our top picks of what to do:

1. Edit down and lower your artwork so that it's all 57" on center
2. Paint over the dark green wall/ceiling trim with the wall color
3. OMG paint your front and closet doors!!!!

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