Which Household Habits Drive You Batty?

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It seems as though some of the largest co-habitation frustrations stem from "offenses" that take place in the kitchen and bathroom. Maybe your significant other leaves toothpaste in the sink or your roommate refuses to clean up after they cook? How about not putting the toilet seat down or putting dishes in the dishwasher when it's empty? There are all sorts of small offenses that seem to make our blood boil quickly, what sets you off the quickest?

In my own household my husband and I have an ongoing war between his inability to hit the dirty clothes basket and my inability to apparently wipe off the peanut butter knife to his liking (or um, put it in the sink when I'm through). When you talk about such things out loud they seem so petty and small, but as most folks know, the small things can really, really get under your skin.

Do we still love each other? Sure we do, but we do still potentially grumble under our breath when tidying up after one another. Is there something your significant other or roommate does that drives you up the wall? Are they deal breakers for you or have you learned to live with them? Let us know below!

Image: Sarah Rae Trover

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