What Size Rug for Large Family Room Layout?

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Q: My house has a large family room (400 sq ft) and a very open floor plan. We are replacing the old carpet with hardwood floors and I can't wait — but this means I'll want some sort of area rug for the center of the room. Our U-shaped sectional floats in the middle of the room and measures 11.5 feet wide, with a long "arm" of 8 feet and a short "arm" (which is actually a chaise) of 5.5 feet. There's a sofa table along the back and an end table at one end. (The dotted line in the floor plan diagram represents an 8x10 rug.):

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I've seen a lot of suggestions that for floating furniture layouts, all of the furniture should fit on the rug. But that would mean getting a HUGE rug, which I suspect won't fit within my budget. I've been watching several flash sale sites and thought about Flor tiles as well… but I still can't figure out exactly what size rug I should even be looking for.

I'm willing to consider paying up to $1000 if I can't find anything else, but cheaper options would obviously be preferable. What options would work with a furniture layout like this without breaking the bank?

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