What Sofa/Seating Can I Add to Transform This Room?

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Q: Dear readers, I'm really hoping you can give me some help here. I have recently started renting this downtown studio apartment, and I love everything about it except the interior design! I can't swap out any of the furniture that's in here already, but it definitely needs and has room for a new sofa/sitting area:

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At the moment it feels like a hotel room, so I'm really hoping that a new sofa/chairs, some repositioning and maybe a few new lights can help to change this around!

The view outside is great, so I want the sitting/lounge area to be focused on the outside, nearest to the window. I don't often watch TV so it shouldn't be the focus, but it must be possible. If possible I would like to multipurpose my computer desk as the TV stand as well. I'm living alone but want to entertain semi-regularly — that is, once I have a design that I can invite people over to!

Looking forward to your suggestions!

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