What the Pros Know: 3 Simple and Effective Interior Design Tips

Apartment Therapy Video Roundup

This week's video roundup is dedicated to the fundamentals, those little things that will help you get a space just right. From how to hang art to how to add color to a room without overdoing it, here are some of our best interior design tips.

Here at Apartment Therapy, we are unabashed fans of color. But adding color to a space can be a little intimidating — how do you make a room colorful without overdoing it? Follow the 80/20 rule. Maxwell explains it all.

Art can make or break a room. But how do you know where to put it on the wall? Nobody wants to be a "high hanger". From Maxwell, here's a simple rule of thumb.

What's just as egregious as art that's hung too high? A teeny tiny picture swallowed by a huge, huge wall. Large scale art can have a huge impact on a space: it's a great way to almost instantly make a room feel "finished". In this video, designer Rebecca Robertson shares her strategies for creating big artworks on the cheap.

Thanks for watching, and happy decorating!

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(Image credits: Dylan Chandler)