What To Do This Weekend: Make a $10 Play Kitchen

Can you make a $10 play kitchen? Sure you can! Although we've shown many beautiful and detailed play kitchens here on Ohdeedoh, kids really just want something to play with. Christie challenged herself to make a kitchen for her daughter Immy with just ten bucks: mission accomplished.

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Christie's approach was two-fold: look for things around the house she could repurpose and make a few inexpensive, strategic purchases. We're willing to bet you have most of these supplies squirreled away somewhere in your home, too. Christie walks you through exactly how she made her kitchen here and here.

In addition to being a mother, Christie is an early childhood educator and she melds both these experiences into her blog, Childhood 101, which we think could alternately be titled Fun with Boxes (see her simple house and play car made from boxes too!)

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As Apartment Therapy's Managing Editor, Carrie covers design and modern homelife with children. A lapsed librarian, she lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two kids and is in contention to break the record for most hours spent at the playground.