What to Do with Bare Vintage Light Fixtures?

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Q: We just moved into a beautiful vintage apartment that we love. The owner has a quirky sense of taste and thinks that the bare fixtures are cool and raw. I think that they look bare and make for awkward lighting. We have these throughout our apartment.

I figured out a solution for the single bulb fixture in our bathroom--I'm covering it with a clip on rice paper parasol that is clean and modern looking and goes well with our Marimekko shower curtain.

I'm at a loss for what to do with these double fixtures. Rice paper lamps won't work (the two bulbs are too close together, plus it would look strange); small chandelier shades clipped on upside down look odd and you still get a bunch of exposed bulb. Pottery Barn discontinued the clip on drum shade you'd suggested in a post sometime ago; and since the circular part of the metal fixture just above the bulb doesn't detach so there's no room for the fitter of a glass shade.

I cannot do any electrical wiring as it is a rental. However, I think we can jerry rig a drum shade, by hanging it with wire from the central ring in the fixture. Does anyone know of cheap sources for drum shades with diffusers (not drum shade light fixtures--just the shade), or of any other cost-effective ideas for these lights? Most drum shades I've seen are well over $100 and don't have diffusers. We have several fixtures to work with.

Thanks for any help that you can provide! I always count on Apartment Therapy for ideas and advice.

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