What To Do with Built-In Indoor
Brick Planter?

What To Do with Built-In Indoor
Brick Planter?

Regina Yunghans
Mar 18, 2013

Q: The time has finally come to tackle our house's entryway! The wallpaper has been removed, the green corner shelf was taken down, and we're getting ready to prime and paint. I am struggling, however, with what to do with an oddly placed brick planter that is recessed into a corner near our stairs. 

I think my options are to either a) plant a tree in there, or b) close it up and put a book case on top? In an ideal world I guess we'd rip it out and expand the stairs or something, but that definitely isn't in the budget right now. Any ideas? Would love a solution that's outside the [planter] box.

Sent by Jessica

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