What To Do with Clementine Boxes

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We've been picking up clementines at the market lately, and they generally come in handy wooden boxes. While we've seen Maxwell's neat idea for repurposing the clementine peel, we haven't talked much on reusing the boxes...

We've kept one at home and we keep onions and potatoes in it. One of the markets we frequent pours the clementines out of the box and into your shopping bag and keeps (reuses?) the boxes. We've found plenty of other ideas on the web, too. Here are a few below:

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Make a clementine box creche in time for the holidays.

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Danny Seo repurposes one as a gift box mimosa kit.

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If you have children, you may be interested in the sweet little doll bed repurposed by Recovergirl.

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Here's a cardboard version reused as a kitchen drawer organizer.
Plant a container garden in an old clementine box. Photo © Kerry Michaels at About.com.

Have you kept and reused a clementine box in your home? To what (re)use did you put yours?

Photo up top from: Bellwood Gardens

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