(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Depending on how ambitious your trick or treaters are, you may wind up with a lot more candy than you care to see them eat. Here are a few ideas for other ways to use that candy, and even the wrappers...

• Use the wrappers (vintage candies like Mary Jane's will have a particularly nice effect) to decoupage a tin or basket. Instructions via Martha Stewart.

• We found a list of great ideas for the candy itself over at Parenthood.com including freezing the candy, stuffing it in a pinata, using it to decorate cupcakes or stick in cakes, or saving it for your gingerbread house.

• Finally, some good suggestions for how to sort through and organize that candy over at Mix Mingle Glow including stashing a few pieces in your purse for those moments/meltdowns when you need a little bribe.