What to Do with Oppressive Stone Fireplace in Rental?

What to Do with Oppressive Stone Fireplace in Rental?

Regina Yunghans
Sep 12, 2013

Q: I'm moving into a new place that I think will be great when all decorated, but it comes with two downsides — very little natural light and a big ugly fireplace. While I am very excited to be able to light fires in my new home, I really think the hulking brown stone overpowers my small, poorly-lit place, making it feel oppressive.

I've seen people cover fireplaces with panels and paint, but I am in a rental and can't make permanent changes. I'm planning on using bright rugs and pillows and perhaps some removable wallpaper for an accent wall, but I was hoping maybe someone had some suggestions on how to make my dark, ugly stone fireplace... not so dark and ugly.

Sent by Shaun

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