What To Do with "Tacked-On" Room?

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Q: My partner and I have recently purchased a 3 bedroom home with an added on entertainment room. While extra space is always nice, it's very inconvenient that the only way to access it from inside is by walking through a bedroom. (Though, there is a screen door leading to outside). What should we do? We've discussed turning the bedroom into an office, but then property value decreases from 3 bedroom to only 2 bedroom. We've also discussed sealing the internal door off all-together and using the room as an addition to the outdoor entertainment area (behind laundry) but is this a bad idea?:

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Welcoming any suggestions! We feel like we've run out of ideas and I'm sure there's something that could be done. (We even considered something like this but I fear it may be a bit tacky?!).

Would love your help!

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