What to Do With Too Much Art

What to Do With Too Much Art

Adrienne Breaux
Sep 2, 2011

It's an enviable and for many, impossible-to-imagine scenario: having too much art. But for some avid collectors (and those with creative and generous friends) it can be a reality. Here's how to take back your walls and bring some clarity to your collection of art.

If you've got art leaning 5 canvases deep in a corner somewhere or a bunch of prints rolled up on a desk but can't for the life of you see some negative space on a wall for you to add another piece, you might want to consider trimming back your art collection (or at the very least some new organizational methods). Some ideas:

Collage it An oldie but a goodie: when you start to run out of walls to hang art, start squeezing more on each wall. We have suggestions on how: Creating Picture Frame Collages
Organize it by theme, store and swap out for the seasons If you really have tons of art, so much that you can't hang all at once even in a collage, consider grouping your art into themes, like some by a common color, or by subject matter or even just in sets that work together aesthetically. Consider gallery art hanging systems as a way to easily change out art.
Give as gifts to friends Art (and books) can be pretty hard to part with, especially if they have meaning and memories to you. But if you really have too much to enjoy all at once, you might consider sharing your love of art with friends for housewarming gifts.
Deceptive hiding spots Got a lot of posters/prints that are relatively the same size? Consider storing them a few deep in the same frame that's already up on a wall, and switch them out when things get stale.
Odd spots Leaning it on the back of the couch or hanging itin the shower might seem odd, but if you're really running out of space and can't part with any pieces you might look to alternate solutions.
One in, one out Much like other room items, you could do this with art; for every piece you get in, you could donate one to a children's hospital, women's shelter or friend who just moved into an new, blank-walled space.

Is your art collection getting too big? If you find yourself with more art than walls, what do you do? Let us know!

Images: Adrienne Breaux

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