What To Do with Ugly, Beige-y Walls in a Rental?

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Q: This question is inspired by your recent post, "Renters' Solutions: 7 Real Life Examples of White Walls That Work." As someone who has been a renter in multiple cities for over a decade, I'm very used to decorating around white walls. At this point, I would celebrate white walls! Instead, I will soon be moving into a rental house in which all the walls (in Every. Damn. Room.) are painted a dreary shade of beige which, in a certain light, has pea-green undertones. I think this is some people's idea of an attractive neutral "earth tone," but it is not at all my style. And the owner won't change it.

My tastes are eclectic vintage, with a smattering of mid-century modern thrown in for good measure. Most of my furniture is brightly colored: my sofa is robin's egg blue, for instance, and my office shelving unit (a large wooden rolling cubby shelf) is painted a bright sea green-blue. My bedding is pink and orange and white. My artwork is mostly black-and-white framed prints and beautiful, colorful vintage wall maps. I love my stuff, but it feels like everything I have clashes with the walls of my soon-to-be home. I would welcome any suggestions for how to integrate my beloved home furnishings and style with these walls.

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