What To Save On, What To Splurge On
Making The Most Of Your Decorating Budget

Recently, an article on MSN clued us in on what to spend money on in our wardrobes. Save on evening and activewear; splurge on jeans and handbags. We thought about how to translate the same principles to our home decor budget. Our suggestions, after the jump...Spend on these items that form the backbone of your home's look
  • A great couch - the centrepiece of your living room, it can make the difference between wanting to hang out and avoiding the room like the plague. Make it classic and make it comfortable. Add an upholster to your entourage and your couch can be updated as your home changes.
  • A great bed - they say you spend 1/3 of your life in bed. With great sleep the foundation of good physical and emotional health, this is not a place to skimp. As with a couch in the living room, a great bedframe forms the focal point of your bedroom. Include a great mattress in your splurge.
  • A dining room table - a great table elevates everything you put on it and around it, from food to people.
  • An office chair - if you work at home, spend money on a good chair.

Save on these items. Think of them as accessories that can change the look of your home's basics

  • a rug - with great rugs available from West Elm to Overstock, you can change our your rug with the seasons.
  • lamps - change the shade on a pre-existing lamp or create your own lamp from flea market found objects.
  • side tables - Whether it's a classic round dot or a bright rectangle of colour, a side table can change the mood of a room from playful to traditional to modern.
  • dining room chairs - the only prerequisite is that they're comfortable, otherwise, have fun with them!

[image: Sharon and Spencer's Danish & Dogs Domicile]