What to use to get rid of mold on shower curtain?

What to use to get rid of mold on shower curtain?

Mar 5, 2008

Moldy shower curtains. Gross. How do you get rid of it? Over at the CasaSugar blog, they found an archived article found by Book of Joe that gave a test run of several cleaners and other methods of removal...

The article by Sam Schechner, from the Wall Street Journal, documented five methods used on several strips of a cut up moldy shower curtain. The products included a spray with bleach (Tilex), a chlorine free spray (Seventh Generation) as well as washing the strip in a washing machine, soaking it in vinegar, and a water, dishsoap, tea tree oil mixture.

The final results? Tilex won out in terms of ease of removing the stain. However the toxic smell was "like a noxious swimming pool" but "came out practially bone white." The next best option was the Seventh Generation Shower Cleaner, but it took 14 minutes of scrubbing on just "the one section." The end result "smelled like sweet lemon soda," but " a graying pattern remained where the black mold had been."

Read the piece here.

What do you guys use to remove the mold? Do you have any tried/trusted techniques? Is it worth the extra scrubbing time vs. quick and effective but "noxious" bleach? Or Is it just better to get a new curtain?

Via CasaSugar, via Book of Joe, via Wall Street Journal

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