Which White Paint Should I Choose?

Which White Paint Should I Choose?

Regina Yunghans
Oct 9, 2012

Q: I am moving into a new apartment in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, and the landlord is going to paint the walls white. Great news! It sounded so simple until I was handed a Benjamin Moore brochure entitled "Gentle Whites" packed with white upon white upon white.

As I understand it, the white one uses depends in part on what sort of light hits the white and, correlatively, on geography. We have (roughly speaking) north-facing windows and south-facing windows. The apartment gets very nice light. Here are the whites that have come highly recommended by acquaintances: China White, White Dove, Navajo White, Atrium White, Decorators White. I'm blinded by whites! I want a warm white — well, in any event, not a cold white? I don't want my white to look — egads — green. This all sounds quite muddled, I know. But, based on my location, can someone recommend a white that I can use on both trim and walls? I would so appreciate it!

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