Treatment Ideas for Huge Window?

Treatment Ideas for Huge Window?

Regina Yunghans
May 20, 2013

Q: My boyfriend and I just moved into a one bedroom apartment we're renting in downtown Chicago. It's incredible — the owner is a DIY maven who created a custom desk and entertainment center. One place is a problem, though - the window treatments for the large window located in the living room. 

He installed tracks inside the window box along which several removable panels can slide to cover different parts of the window. They get stuck on the tracks, fall off easily, and just look cheap. I want to purchase/create a window treatment that stands up the the rest of the apartment, but I'm stumped on what exactly to do and where to go. The owner encouraged us to make any changes we want to the interior, so I'd love to do something unique and fun. Please help! Considerations:

- Privacy is not an issue (we're on the 5th floor and look out over train tracks and across to the TJMaxx storage room (so cool at night)).
- Cost is an issue — I'd like to spend less than $200.
- Our doorless bedroom is located several feet to the left of this window, with a large bank of windows of its own. The owner installed blackout/noise proof blinds in there, to help dull the train noises and sunlight. The problem is, we still get sun and city lights from the living room windows pouring into our bedroom. Pretty during the day, not so much when we're trying to sleep. And I like to sleep in!
- I want this to be convertible — easy to pull back when we want to let the city in and close up when we don't.
- Should be pretty, but not too girly. Don't want to scare the boyfriend out of the apartment just yet.

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