What You Need to Know About...HDTV, Part 3

What You Need to Know About...HDTV, Part 3

Mar 29, 2007

Learn more about your viewing options and what to look for in this 3-part series on HDTV each day at Noon eastern; Check out Part 1 here to learn the basics about what makes HDTV HD, and Part 2 to learn more about the three types of HD screens, and the pros and cons of each.

"HD is coming, HD is coming!" Today we'll address some of the basic things to look for when purchasing an HDTV.

1) Shop around! One recent Consumer Reports example showed that a 32" HDTV was on sale at Best Buy for $1,200, but a small, locally-owned store had the same HDTV for $890.

2) Don't be too cheap: "HDTV Monitors" don't come with an external tuner, so that means you'll have to shell out for the tuner as well, making it not quite the bargin it once seemed to be...and that means you'll have another component to deal with.

Look for an "integrated HDTV tuner" or HDTVs with an "ATSC" tuner built in; these HDTVs then can pick up HDTV signals over the air, with an antenna. If you have cable or satellite TV service, you'll need their box for now. The next generation of HDTVs will utilize a card that plugs into the side of the monitor to work with your cable service, but that's still down the road.

3) Want to know more? Check out CNET's comprehensive HDTV World for info about anything related to HDTV. And watch for our AT Home Tech comparison of Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVDs (your DVDs are only as good as the discs you play, no matter how nice your TV is) early next week.

Happy watching, ATers!

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