Tell Us: What's Your Best Bargain Find?

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The hunt for an incredible bargain can be addicting. There are so many wonderful places to search, from Craiglist to Ebay to local thrift stores to flash sale sites like One Kings Lane. My cousin once found a gorgeous teak midcentury-era chair at a garage sale for $30. Designer Rod Hipskind scored a Koa wood bowl for $50 that turned out to be worth $6000. In honor of budget living month, we'd love to hear: what's your best bargain find?

I'll admit I've never had the best luck, probably because I don't hit the right places often enough. The people I know who have found truly awesome steals are, not surprisingly, the same ones who spend a lot of time at thrift stores and markets. That said, it's always worth looking, especially if you have a special piece in mind you can't quite afford, but would buy in a heartbeat for the right price.

(Image credits: Justice Darragh)

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