New Kitchen Items with an Antique Look

In the spirit of Antique Week, we’ve found a few (new) adorable kitchen items that call back to a simpler time. Whether giving them as a unique gift, or adding a vintage touch to your own home, we think these items may dig up some nostalgic feelings - and possibly encourage you to actually tackle Grandmas’ made-from-scratch apple pie recipe.

We’ve scouted out some of our favorite kitchen items with an antique flare, and sites such as Brook Farm General Store, Farmhouse Wares, and Ice Milk Aprons, have made it easier than ever to bring in classic home accessories. We also love the Absinthe Spoons from Jayson Home & Garden – each look like a fancy heirloom serving piece that you didn’t have to fight your cousin over!

1. Rollings of Cinnamon Apron + Heirloom Kit from Ice Milk Aprons, $85
(Each of Ice Milk’s aprons comes with a clever Heirloom Kit, which encourages the starting or continuing of traditions in your kitchen, through the passing down of recipes. To view the delicious recipe that inspired the Rollings of Cinnamon Apron, click here.)
2. Numbered Glass Jars from Farmhouse Wares, $60 for a set of three
3. Glass Milk Bottle with Porcelain Lid from Farmhouse Wares, $15
4. Magnetic Timer via Anthropologie, $12
5. Absinthe Spoon from Jayson Home and Garden, $18 each
6. Glass Butter Dish via Conran, $12
7. Wall Mounted Bottle Opener via Brook Farm General Store, $10
8. Porcelain Measuring Spoons via Brook Farm General Store, $15