(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

We need to poll the Apartment Therapy gardeners out there. Since I have a new pad with a deck (and no yard), I'm now a container gardener without a lot of expertise. In our old home I had trained our garden bed perennials to be sorta drought tolerant (in other words we didn't do a lot of watering) and they managed fine. But containers are a different animal for me, and now I'm just curious — is it better to water your garden in the morning or in the evening? Does it matter?

In the past, I've heard two schools of thought to this:

• Water in the early morning so that your plants can better survive the mid-day heat.
• Water at night so that the water will make it down to the roots without evaporating (make sure to water from the bottom to prevent fungus or mildew)

Since I'm a social gardener, being outside in the evening after work gives me a chance to talk to neighbors I never see, and I even get to relax with a cocktail in the non-watering hand. So while I prefer the evening, I sort of have the idea that expert gardeners will tell me differently. AT gardeners please weigh in — do you know whether watering at one time of day is better than the other? Does it matter?

Image: tangledwing blog