What is Each Room For?

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Last week, Laure blogged about getting organized and how finding focus can help you can organized. We thought about this when received a recent email. A son described his mother's house before she became an organizational guru as "kind of cool. No room had a specific function." He went on to describe that he could do any activity in any room: eat in the bedroom, sleep in the bathroom, get dressed in the kitchen... When I did the cure the first time, the big "Aha" moment for me was during Week 2 when we had to draw up a plan and determine the function of each room. My living room was the bane of my existence at the time. I just couldn't make it work. I thought about what activities needed to take place in that room, something I'd never done before. The entrance to my apartment was at one end, so I needed a landing strip and an entrance way. I wanted it to function as a living room too, where people could come over and hang out, even crash. And, having decided that I liked having a dining room that was just for dining and a bedroom that was just for sleeping, I needed to find some space in the living room for an office. Once I knew the functions of the room, everything just fell into place. Looking back, it seems so reasonable but, at the time, I was floored at the logic of it all. Apart from our numerous blogs about having a landing strip by your entrance, it's not for us to determine the function of your rooms. But, once you figure out what they're for, it's a lot easier to determine what needs to go into them. And what needs to stay out.