What's The Right Age To Introduce Kids To Technology?

Kids and tech — it's this weird new series of questions of how much, how soon or how often? When are you introducing your children to the television? The iPad? The computer? Obviously using any of these devices for long periods of time is a bad idea, but sometimes you just need that 20 minutes to get something done, right? Wrong? Let us know!

Although the advancement of technology has become quite strong over recent years and it seems everywhere you turn people are toting laptops while talking on their iPhones and riding those cool skateboard hoverboards. Wait, those didn't happen? Scratch that then, stick with the basics.

Many families are putting the magic number of 2 on their children for being the age that they can start watching some television. At the same time the parents who are worried about their children being inundated with media of all sorts are turning to the computer for games and other forms of education or media viewing. Where does the line get drawn in your household? It's a little different for everyone and we're curious as to how it works for you. Let us know in the comments below!

Image: Flickr member Buster Benson licensed for use By Creative Commons

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