What's This Kitchen Cabinet Hiding?

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This picture seems unassuming at first. It's a sweet, vintage-inspired white kitchen with a rockin' antique refrigerator. But when you notice that the far cabinet is missing the same newly-installed pulls the rest of the cupboards have, you know something's up. We've got to check out what's in there.

It's an ironing workstation!

Flickr member litlnemo made use of a spare kitchen cabinet to prepare this all-in-one ironing workstation, fitted completely from IKEA parts.

Going for a bungalow kitchen feel, this homeowner took what was previously a shallow top drawer and fashioned a pull-out ironing table, featuring pieces from IKEA's Rationell pull-out ironing table cabinet.

The bottom section, also fitted with IKEA pull-outs, then becomes a place to store the iron and a few other kitchen extras.

It's an awesome solution on it's own, but we'd love to see somebody take this idea to the next level and incorporate the iron's wiring into the design. Maybe it's time to install an outlet inside the cabinet!

(All images: Flickr member litlnemo licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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