What's the Story?: Canopy and Wal-Mart

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Interesting...we just saw a site for a furnishings line called Canopy for the first time. As we clicked around investigating, we found that it is a Wal-Mart site, meaning Wal-Mart is promoting their own line of furniture, rugs, lighting and linens without really mentioning themselves, even though it is only available at their stores...

...which seems just a bit...funky. Even if you click on "About Canopy" it doesn't mention Wal-Mart. Of course, we've seen store brands before, but it just seems odd that the entire identity system for the line and design of the site seems to be keeping the Wal-Mart connection on the down low. Is this a common retail practice that we just aren't aware of?

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We're thinking it may be a beneficial move for Wal-Mart in particular, since the Canopy site is promoting the furniture line as "here for the long haul" i.e. strong, good quality pieces - something that may not be the first thought that would leap to mind about furniture from a big box retailer. Also, it may help to distance the line from the not-so-wonderful rep (check these comments from earlier today) Wal-Mart has with many consumers.

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What do you think? Something that happens all the time, simply savvy marketing or sorta shady?

Check out the Canopy site here.

All photos: canopyliving.com

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