What's Your Cleaning Weak Spot?

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I've done it again. I've made a resolution that I will go through the mail every day. I will not let it grow into a behemoth pile to be dealt with on Sunday nights. We'll see if it lasts this time — after all, the rest of my house may be fairly neat and organized, but this has always been my weak spot.

It seems like we all have one, which is understandable. It's hard to keep every nook and cranny of a home spotless. A friend of mine admits that he loves cleaning bathrooms, but hates dusting. He has sparkling bathrooms, but says he avoids dusting until things get critical. Another friend has an organized apartment, except for the closets, which she "just gave up on." What's your cleaning weak spot? Do you try to address it? Do you have a family member pick up the slack? Ignore it all together?

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Kathleen is a freelance editor who lives in Chicago. She loves eclectic rooms, traveling with her family, and feeding anyone who steps foot in her house. She theoretically hates clutter, but can’t stop buying books and craft supplies.